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Hi there,

In the past few weeks I decided to redo my wood floors. I rented sanders from home depot and sanded the floor to have the beautiful blonde wood look. After sanding I went to home depot to have assistance picking out a polyurethane. I wanted to keep the wood blonde and thought I had expressed that clearly to the guy helping me. That night I began applying the polyurethane throughout the house. When I put the polyurethane on the wood it turned brown. Being my first time I thought that was normal and thats how it looks and then dries clear. I was wrong. My beautiful blonde floors turned amber. He obviously gave me an oil based polyurethane. As upset as I am I know I cant undo it so im trying to move forward and learn a lesson. After the polyurethane dried I have started sanding with a fine grade sandpaper and hoped it would lighten the wood color. It didint make much of a difference but now my question is...EVEN THOUGH I APPLIED AN OIL BASED POLYURETHANE FOR THE FIRST COAT AND HAVE AMBER COLORED FLOORS, FOR THE NEXT/LAST COAT CAN I APPLY A WATER BASED POLYURETHANE SO THE WOOD DOESNT GET ANY DARKER? Is that safe or realistic. Thanks for your help!

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