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Wood Floor Refinishing- Polyurethane? | Yahoo Answers

Hi there,

In the past few weeks I decided to redo my wood floors. I rented sanders from home depot and sanded the floor to have the beautiful blonde wood look. After sanding I went to home depot to have assistance picking out a polyurethane. I wanted to keep the wood blonde and thought I had expressed that clearly to the guy helping me. That night I began applying the polyurethane throughout the house. When I put the polyurethane on the wood it turned brown. Being my first time I thought that was normal and thats how it looks and then dries clear. I was wrong. My beautiful blonde floors turned amber. He obviously gave me an oil based polyurethane. As upset as I am I know I cant undo it so im trying to move forward and learn a lesson. After the polyurethane dried I have started sanding with a fine grade sandpaper and hoped it would lighten the wood color. It didint make much of a difference but now my question is...EVEN THOUGH I APPLIED AN OIL BASED POLYURETHANE FOR THE FIRST COAT AND HAVE AMBER COLORED FLOORS, FOR THE NEXT/LAST COAT CAN I APPLY A WATER BASED POLYURETHANE SO THE WOOD DOESNT GET ANY DARKER? Is that safe or realistic. Thanks for your help!

Veterans shelter nears completion in Statesville

Just like the men who will call it home temporarily, the house on Wilson Lee Boulevard needed some tender, loving care and fixing up to return to its former glory.

The home will serve as a transitional housing facility for homeless veterans a longtime dream and hope of Pete Meletis. A Marine and Korean War veteran, Meletis started tilting at this particular windmill more than four years ago when he discovered five homeless veterans sleeping cars in a parking lot in Mooresville. He then found there were several more living in the woods near Interstate 77 and Exit 33.

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Floor Cleaning |

Cleaning Porcelain Floor Tiles

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Porcelain tile flooring is a quality material, that adds value to your property. It is versatile, durable and available in beautiful patterns. Hence, cleaning it on a regular basis is a must to add to its longevity. If you chose...

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Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add value and style to your home, last a very long time, and are timeless. To keep them from getting spoiled and ensure longevity, it is very important to know how to clean them. Here are some helpful tips.

New UV Technology Helps Homeowners Finish Wood Floors Faster | Reuters, Utah, Feb. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to August 2012 data released by HarvardUniversity, annual homeowner improvement spending will reach $128.9 billion by the first quarter of 2013.One way to dramatically transform the look of a home is through wood renewal processes thatrecover the beauty of a wood floor with advanced abrasion techniques. N-Hance Wood Renewal, a national partner of The Home Depot for wood refinishing/renewal of kitchen cabinets and woodfloors, has just launched a new ultraviolet premium wood refinishing service, appropriately named"Lightspeed," that instantly dries and cures refinished wood surfaces.Years ago, when consumers got a filling at the dentist, they were not able to eat on that side oftheir mouth for hours. Now society has harnessed light technology to make it possible forconsumers to eat comfortably upon leaving the dentist chair. N-Hance's exciting Lightspeed woodrefinishing technology is that same technology, but on a larger scale. N-Hance Wood Renewal is thefirst nationwide franchise system to develop such a product. The new UV floor refinishing offersconsumers the following benefits:* Instantly cures the wood finish and makes it usable immediately as opposed to traditional woodfinishes that can take up to two weeks to dry.* Costs only $1 more per square foot than the conventional wood finish.* Can be used on cabinets and kitchen tables, bars, as well as on wood floors.* Is the most durable finish with the highest wear index and highest scratch resistance.* Eco-friendly and safe for family/pets"The launch of our new service will enable us to better serve our commercial and residentialcustomers who are seeking a more convenient wood renewal method," said Ben Davis, N-HancePresident. "The Lightspeed UV light technology is great for commercial settings where businessescan't afford to be down for two weeks with no furniture on a floor. N-Hance can put the finish onat night and have that business be ready to open the next morning. It will also assist homeownerswho are seeking a quick return on investment when preparing their home for sale."ABOUT N-HANCE REVOLUTIONARY WOOD RENEWALBased in Logan, UT and founded in 2001, N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal is the trusted partnerof Home Depot. N-Hance is backed by Harris Research, Inc., the same company that grew Chem-Dryinto the world's largest carpet cleaning company. A proprietary chemical abrasion and buffertechnique requires no sanding and can cost 1/5 of the cost of re-facing or replacing cabinets.N-Hance has 200 franchises in the U.S. with 12 franchises in development. For more information,please visit orvisit tolearn about franchise opportunities.CONTACT: Media Contact: Sheryl Bass, Fishman PR 847-945-1300 x 236

The 7 Biggest Design Sins Of Decades Past (PHOTOS)

4. Wall-To-Wall Carpets. No, not all area rugs are bad. But the "high traffic" variety that usually covers hardwood floors? Not OK.

shag rug

5. Linoleum. Occasionally, linoleum flooring can be kitschy (if you like that look). But most of the time, it's faded, stained and, like carpeting, usually hides perfectly fine wood floors.

Gold Seal Linoleum Ad, 1952

Flickr photo via alsis315

3. Floral Wallpaper. Whether covering a wall or merely as a border, this '80s relic bled over into the '90s, along with its terrible cousin, amateur decorative painting.

1980s kitchen

2. Popcorn Ceilings & Acoustic Tiles Functional and "decorative," the former seemed like a great idea in the 1980s. Unfortunately, it takes a huge amount of effort to make that decision go away. As for acoustic tiles, they tended to pair with dropped ceilings. Because everyone wants their ceiling much lower than it needs to be.

Our Parlor / Living Room Boro Park Brooklyn 1976 70s

Flickr photo by Anthony Catalano

1. Wood Paneling Chances are, it's not rich, authentic wood. It's probably faux paneling glued to your living room, finished basement or dining room walls.

Wayne Gipson Family in the Living Room of the House That <a data-toggle=,,20333774,00.html the Gipsons Built near Gruetli, near Chattanooga, Tennessee 12/1974"/>

Flickr photo via U.S. National Archives

It all starts with pink bathrooms. These 1950s home wonderlands of pink porcelain (usually accented with black and white) can be the bane of many a homeowner's existence -- if they're not into that retro look, that is. While the majority considers pink bathrooms a big "NO" on the list of desirable home features, that very room inspired a movement on the Save The Pink Bathrooms blog.

6. Mirrored Walls. This feature tends to outlast most marriages, just because of the danger factor in trying to remove the mounted mirrors.

mirrored bar

However, pastel powder rooms aren't the only features that inspire renovations, both DIY and professional. Meet the six other "design sins" of decades past. (You're welcome to agree or disagree.)

blog post

href=""> href=''>

Garage Storage Plans

Mostly, people have their garages outside their homes near the garden or the lawn. So, garage is used to store many things, from small tools like wrenches, chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, to seasonal tools like land mowers. A cluttered garage can be a pain. It will be difficult to find things in an unorganized garage. Besides, in an unorganized garage you never know what you might find lurking in the dark! Here, I have listed some plans on garage storage.

Cleaning and Repairs

The first step is to throw away unnecessary junk. Throw away products which have expired and things you don't need. It's better to throw away tools which are rusted and beyond repair. The stuff which is in good condition, can be stored temporarily in a clean dry place. The tools which you think need to be repaired, can be given for repair work. So, by the time you have finished fitting the garage with furniture, these tools will be repaired and ready to store. Check your garage flooring, walls and ceiling. The walls might need to be repainted or the floors might need some patching up. Check for faulty wiring and possible water leakage.


Now that you have cleared and cleaned the garage space, it's time to make a plan. First make a list of all the things you want to keep in the garage. Also, keep in mind that in future, there will be additional stuff being stored in the garage. Get all the measurements of the area where you want to place your shelves, cabinets and racks in the garage.

Building or Buying Garage Furniture

The next step is choosing a garage storage system. You can make the furniture yourself or buy it, or mix and match. Garage furniture can be of different materials like wood, metal or plastic. Some of the metal furniture comes covered with plastic, which prevents rusting and ensures a longer life for the furniture.

&hl=en_US&fs=1&">&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="400" height="241">

Ceiling Lofts

You can make a DIY wooden loft for the ceiling of your garage, or hire a professional, who will take the measurements of your garage and build a loft for you. These are great to store seasonal tools. Also, you can store things you want to keep away from the reach of children.


There is a variety of cabinets to select from. Placing cabinets in the corners of the garage can save a lot of space. You can store seasonal equipment like ski's or snow blowers. You can lock the cabinets and make it secure from children. There are also rotating cabinets which will make it easy to store and arrange things. You can also save more space, by installing hooks over the cabinet doors. This way the space inside the cabinet can be used to store large things. While on the doors of the cabinet you can hang other small and frequently required tools.


Use shelves to store things you need frequently such as tapes, hand tools, electric wires and switches, bulbs, etc. It is a good idea to have a small shelf near the garage door, to pick up things you need more often.


These are great to hang your garden tools. You can store shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. in a rack. If you or anybody in the house has bicycle, then consider installing cycle racks too.


These are good to hang things. If you wish to hang big things like your bicycle, make sure the hook is large-sized and sturdily fixed on the wall. On a wall near your workbench, you can have many small hooks to hang your tools.


A workbench in a garage is a must. You will be fixing stuff on it, drilling, hammering, painting, etc. To sustain all the above hardships, a workbench has to be tough, sturdy and have a good thickness. It is a better idea to get a foldable workbench as this will save even more space.

Apart from the above furniture, you will also need some plastic storage containers, bins and boxes to store small things in your garage.


Label the containers and jars. You can also get transparent jars and containers, so that you will easily find things. Label the edges of shelves and keep the things on top of it. For example, label one edge of a shelf as tapes, and you can keep different types of tapes like duct tape, sticky tape, brown tape, etc.

Some Useful Tips:

Try to keep things off the floor. You can make a small chart, describing where to find what, for example, nails on the shelf near the door. Stick this chart on the wall next to the garage door. You can fit the cabinets with wheels and make them movable. Lock the cabinets, if they contain things which are not safe for children. If you have a small garage, you can have folding shelves and a folding workbench. If you are not good at building things, then don't worry. Because, there are many types of storage shelves and cabinets available. You can find them at a supermarket or a hardware store. However, more options of these storage units can be found online. So, you can simply buy these storage units and make a deal with seller to get free installation of these units done. This way you don't have to do any carpentry work. But, still can have a neat and resourceful garage.

Now that you have read these useful steps on garage storage it will be easy for you to find things in the garage. So, start transforming your garage into a neat and organized place.

How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Edge Sander

Used to sand to the edge of the wall.

The large orbital is better for light removal or simple surface prep. However, you can use this machine if the drum sander just seems like too much to handle. Just use a lower number (36 or so) sandpaper.

Sanding Direction

Unless you are sanding the edges where the wall and floor come together, you always want to sand in the direction of the grain or plank. The only exception to this is if you create a gouge with the drum sander. In that case sand the gouge at a 45 angle to the planking.

Unlike the drum sander gouges are much less likely. It's also an easier machine to operate as the orbital action cause the machine to "glide" over the surface of the wood. With this type of tool your technique is not as important, but you still want to sand in the direction of the grain of the wood and you always want the machine moving as it's running.

Corner/Detail Sander

Used to get into the corners where two walls come together at a ninety degree angle.

Notes on Sanders

The rented sanders (drum, large orbital, edge) have some particulars about them that you, the renter, should be aware of.

Large Orbital Sander

Moderate removal and large area.

Edge sanders go through paper slightly faster than the two above. It's also a heavy machine but nowhere near even 25 pounds. Still it's a good rental option if you want to get the floor ready for stain or be able to stain and seal in short order.

The orbital sander weighs about 120 pounds. As with the drum above you'll need a helper if you are sanding above the ground floor just to lift it. The paper is quite large (roughly two by three feet) and you'll be able to sand quite a large area before having to replace the paper. Paper replacement is very easy. Cleaning this machine will also help you avoid a cleaning fee upon return.

Large Drum Sander

Rapid removal and large area.

There are four types of sanders for various amounts of removal. The "big gun" is the drum sander. This is the machine to use for removing large amounts of wood and leveling the floor.

This is the sander you are most likely to purchase and least likely to rent. There are a number of models available now and they will all reach right into the apex of the corner. The best are lightweight yet powerful and are designed to sand into the smallest crevice. They also fit neatly into the hand.

Finally, the corner sander is for exactly that. The areas of the floor where two walls come together at a right angle. This is the only sander you are likely to buy rather than rent. The good news is you can get a very high quality sander that fits neatly into corners for $40 or less.

If you do gouge the wood go over it with the sander at a 45 angle to the gouge keeping the machine in motion at all times. When removing a gouge move the machine at a faster rate than you would during normal sanding. This will take some time as you will want to remove the gouge in small steps, remove the dust with a vacuum,

You should always sand the entire floor the same amount regardless of what imperfection you are trying to remove. Sanding is always about more than just preparing the floor for a new finish. It's also about getting the floor smooth and level again.

It has it's draw-backs. It will take a large amount of surface off in a very short time. For this reason it's a risky tool to use as it's very easy to gouge the floor and leave groves in the wood.

As you sand with this type of machine be sure to push it forward at a constant rate. Initially, sand a small area with it, use a shop-vacuum to remove the saw-dust, and then take a look at the effect. If too much is removed quicken your pace; too little slow down a bit.

As with the drum sander, expendables such as sandpaper, scouring pads, and the like are picked up at the time of rental and charged for upon the machine's return.


Regardless of sander type you'll want to start with a very course grit (20 or 36) sandpaper and work up to finer paper. Remember that the lower the number of the paper the courser the grit and the more wood will be removed. The higher the number the finer the grit and the less wood will be removed.

This is a sander specifically designed for resurfacing hardwood floors. It's large machine which typically takes a large sandpaper belt in a continuous loop. The machine is designed as a "walk-behind" tool. They can be rented at most major hardware chains at reasonable rates. The upside to using a sander like this is you "check-out" the sand-paper grades you want to use along with the machine and then pay for the belts you've actually used (and the time you've had the machine) when you return it. Most major chains will pro-rate the charges by the hour. Be sure to ask.

The edge sander is for areas that the drum or orbital won't reach. Chance are you'll want to use this sander regardless of which of the other two you do use. The professional edge sander will cover more area than a workshop sander and make the job faster and easier. This will not reach into corners very well though.

This sander is just an extra large version of an orbital sander. It's benefit is that it can help you level a floor without taking too much wood away. It will certainly remove varnish and shallow stains and burns. For stains and burns that run deeper the drum sander may be the better choice.

Neither the drum nor large orbital sander will allow you to get all the way up to the intersection of the wall and floor. This is what the edge sander is for. Like the orbital, technique is not as important, but you do want to sand in the direction of the grain and keep the sander moving if it's running.

With this type of tool technique is virtually everything. You should never have the machine running at a stand-still. Whenever this type of sander is running it should also be in motion. You should also sand in the direction of the grain of the wood.

The drum sander weighs about 110 pounds. If you are sanding on a second (or higher) floor or need to haul it up a step or two you may need a helper for assistance. The drum will sand a very large area before the sand-paper needs to be replaced. Also, changing the paper roll is relatively easy. You will also want to clean the machine completely before returning it. Most rental outlets will charge a cleaning fee if you return a dirty machine.

Start with 36 grit for normal wear and tear sanding or with 20 grit for deep stains and or burns. Once you've done the entire floor to the same depth move up to a higher grit ending with 80 or 100 just before staining. This may require you to make three to six passes with higher grits each or every other pass.

The amount of wood (due to burns/stains) and or surface wax/varnish/sealer you have to remove is the determining factor to a sanding machine. Unless your floor is relatively pristine you do not want to hand sand it, that will simply take too long.

Downsizing After Divorce Isn't All Bad

Oh, right. I got divorced.

Did you have to sell your matrimonial home? Did you have to move from a house to an apartment? How did you feel about it?

But when I began a long-distance relationship, it was overwhelming to return home after a few days away to a yard that had sprouted weeds and grass seemingly grown a foot in my absence. The children being with me only half the time meant that they were less than enthusiastic about helping out with household chores. As much as I tried to enforce their chore schedule it all became quite a burden.

Fast forward five years, and I'm living in an apartment. "Wait, why didn't you buy a home and why are you renting?" you might be wondering. Renting is a dirty word, unfortunately. No matter how much it makes sense especially in a city with a housing market "bubble" there is still a stigma attached to it. "Only poor people rent." Let's debunk that myth.

Meantime, living in an apartment has not only been necessary in our real estate market but a learning curve for me. My kitchen is the same size as my pantry was in my marital home. It's tiny. When my Son was out at Christmas he said "Mom, how are you going to cook a turkey dinner in here?" We both laughed as I answered "no problem." The trick is to not let any stragglers enter the kitchen during cooking time. "Out! Shoo!"

I like that I hardly go a day without seeing a neighbor. Sometimes I recognize the dog before the person. I see the elderly, sharp-dressed man from down the hall, on his way out to do his errands. He wears a bow tie everyday. He'll give me a smile and he's always whistling while he walks. He's over 80 years old. I know if I need something I can find someone close by to help. Living in an apartment gives a whole new meaning to community. I feel safe.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that being here in this place, is a blessing for now. When it's time we'll be in our home with our yard, garden and flowers maybe even a cat or a dog. I won't be giving my friends a house tour though because they will be there to see us and not the house.

As much as I loved my house I bought after my divorce, I was overwhelmed at times with the maintenance and upkeep. It was a four bedroom home. It was quite a bit smaller than my matrimonial home but inevitably, it was a fair amount of work and cost to live in.

This Blogger's Books and Other Items from...

Even if your divorce is planned and expected there are unpredictable variables. One of those variables is moving or downsizing. You might move once or you might move three times before you "settle down." I've moved three times since my divorce. and we hope to move again in the next year or two. Pack light. Be ready for anything. When was the last time you felt that unpredictable?

I'm actually enjoying apartment living. I don't have to worry about roof replacement, hardwood floor refinishing, broken hot water tanks nor yards that are out of control. I don't have any property taxes to pay, or strata fees, which can both eat away at your equity. You know what? Living without the responsibility of a house is not so bad.

The lesson? Owning a home as a single woman is a rather hefty commitment. If you're there ALL the time it might be doable. If your kids are there ALL the time, it probably makes sense to live in a home that will accommodate the needs of all family members.

I guess you could say I traded in my status and image for reality and common sense. We live in one of the highest-priced housing markets in the world so for now, we are apartment happy. Not always apartment proud, but happy nonetheless.

At my age living in an apartment is frowned upon. I'm too young to "downsize," and I'm too old to be slumming it. I should be presiding over my large, four-bedroom estate. I should really have room for grown children to move in when their plans change at the drop of a hat. I should have bedrooms waiting for those future grandchildren. Something must have gone terribly wrong.

For now I'll look back on these apartment days fondly and remember how I made a temporary place our 'home'. I'll appreciate how the sun hits the chairs in spring, how we get the sunset in the summer and how I decorated the fireplace for Christmas in December. You see, what I've learned is downsizing isn't all bad. Our self worth isn't completely wrapped up in the square footage or our homes.

The sounds and smells of apartment living will be forever burned on my memory as some of the best times of my life. It really is true then, home is where the heart is.

Once in a while I miss that house. I loved the backyard with the enormous trees, offering shelter in the summer and shimmering snow blankets in the winter. It was cozy. I used to sit out on my patio with a coffee and listen to the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze or catch the last bit of sun dappling through at the end of the day.


Nonetheless, we bank much of our image on our homes so without one, what are we? For example, how many times have you been to a friend's house and they want to give you the "tour." They want to show you their stuff, their style and I don't blame them. They're houseproud. I know a few men who actually changed their demeanor once they purchased and moved into their new home. They became the king of their castle, and that's a nice way of saying a**hat. The fact is though, houses are only a physical representation of our lives. A house has no feelings or attachments. It doesn't love us back. Walls really don't talk, and that's probably a good thing. Even so, we believe a house being one of our assets, tell much about our status.

what is the cheapest way to repair a splintering hardwood floor besides covering it?

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